Hand-On Lab: EBS 12.2 – Intro

It’s been over a year since I have done a hands-on lab session. One of the current projects that I am involved in is has 12.2.4 and the issues there keeps me on my toes, so to speak.

We have #Sangam16 coming up, and I wanted to do one there, but unfortunately, I am busy during #Sangam16 days and I wanted to do this here. I also think it’s time I give back something to the Oracle EBS bloggers out there, from whom I have learned so much. I will cover the initial install of EBS 12.2  vision instance and it’s subsequent upgrade to latest RUP, which is 12.2.5. In doing so, we will also go into Online Enablement, AD&TXK Upgrade etc.

A high level list of what I expect a reader to be able to do once we are done are:

  • Hardware Requirements
  • Install a fresh Vision (or Production) instance of EBS 12.2
    • VM Preperation
    • Aquire software
    • Prerequisites
    • Staging
    • Rapidinstall
  • Upgrade it to latest 12.2.4 RUP
  • DB upgrade from to (or 12.x)
  • Running EBS Technology Compliance Checker (ETCC) to identify missing recommended patches in DB home and various Techstack patches
  • Fusion Middleware (FMW) Upgrade
  • AD & TXK upgrade to latest version
  • Editioning Views
  • Forward & Reverse Crossedition Triggers
  • How to apply patches using Online patching (ADOP).
    • Overview
    • One of cases – ABORT, ACTUALIZE ALL etc.
    • Troubleshooting and some of the issues I have encountered.
  • Weblogic Server (WLS) Patches
    • PSU
    • One off patches
    • Conflict resolution
    • bsu.sh and WLS Smart Update

I will also be touching upon how EBS achieves some aspects of online patching – it’s definitely available in MOS and Oracle Documentation, but this will save someone hours of digging through information.

As I progress through articles, I will update this one with hyperlinks, so that this serves as a homepage sort of thingy 🙂

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