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ORA-12709: error while loading create database character set

Well, it so happens that I started a recently upgraded DB and got this error. It also meant that the DB wouldn’t mount. It turns out that the default ORA_NLS10 variable to set to a wrong value (I am suspecting EBS autoconfig, but this research is still pending). Setting […]

Enable AutoConfig on DB node post out of place DB upgrade

When we upgrade database and it has to be an out of place upgrade, then the existing autoconfig setup becomes void (as it uses old o$ORACLE_HOME). In this case we need to enable autoconfig on new DB OH As applmgr (application owner) Source RUN FS perl $AD_TOP/bin/admkappsutil.pl This will create […]

Forward, Reverse Cross Edition Triggers and Editioning Views – An integral part of ADOP

I was perplexed for quiet a while on how would Oracle handle TABLES in online patching as TABLE is a non-editonable object. This was a lingering question, but one I did not look into until we had a patch fail and I had to dig in to troubleshoot. A Base […]