Online Patching

Forward, Reverse Cross Edition Triggers and Editioning Views – An integral part of ADOP

I was perplexed for quiet a while on how would Oracle handle TABLES in online patching as TABLE is a non-editonable object. This was a lingering question, but one I did not look into until we had a patch fail and I had to dig in to troubleshoot. A Base […]

APPLY Phase, Oracle Apps Online Patching

The APPLY phase is where ADOP does the actual patching. It parses the arguments and, looks if the system is ready for APPLY phase (is PREPARE run and completed successfully) and then internally invokes adpatch to apply the patches. In a single ADOP phase, you can run as many number […]

PREPARE Phase, Oracle Apps Online Patching 1

The PREPARE Phase In the PREPARE phase, ADOP does a series of validations and then “prepares” the system for an online patching cycle. Here is a rundown of what happens step-by-step when we run adop phase=prepare First, it preforms the verification of parameters and checks for various minor pre-reeqs Performing […]